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In the hopes of bringing this vital film and the many levels of inquiry that arise from it to a vaster audience, we are inviting you to participate in ‘Share it Forward’. We worked hard for seven years in the heartfelt belief that this film- in its profound humanness, in its genuineness, in its depthful inquiry- would help to support seekers on their quest for a healthier and more inclusive way of being. You may or may not resonate with Jeff’s individual journey, but we believe that the questions that arise from it will resonate for anyone who is working hard on their inner life, anyone who is attempting to bridge the gap between the world as it is and the world of divine possibility that is our birthright. In the ‘About the film’ section, we note just some of the questions that emanate from Karmageddon.

The way that ‘Share it Forward’ works is simple. If you want to share it, you simply punch in the names and emails of those friends you feel many benefit from the film. The pricing structure is fairly simple- if you gift the film to 5 friends, you pay only $10.00 per download. If you gift the film to 10 friends, you pay only $8.00 per download. If you gift the film to 20 friends, you pay only 7.50 per download. Then we send a download link to each of them as soon as it is available, and they can watch the film when the moment is right. If this resonates for you, here is the link to the Share it Forward payment page…

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